Sustainable, health promoting solutions for animal production

For over 20 years we develop and produce mainly liquid complementary feeding stuff as natural and health promoting solutions in animal production

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We provide solutions for a wide range of animals


Mercordi Animal Care

Mercordi Animal Care is your trusted partner in enhancing the health and welfare of your livestock. With a steadfast commitment to quality, we offer natural supplements meticulously crafted to provide essential nutrients sourced from nature's abundance. Our dedication to sustainability drives us to promote responsible farming practices, ensuring a better future for agriculture. We believe that by prioritizing animal welfare, we not only improve productivity but also create happier, healthier livestock. Backed by proven results and a global community of satisfied farmers, Mercordi invites you to join our mission and experience the difference our supplements can make in elevating your farm's success. Choose Mercordi Animal Care and witness how nature and science come together to nurture thriving livestock.

Animal Feed Supplements
Ingredients from natural source
Support animal health and performance

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