About us

What we do as Mercordi is not just about doing business. What we do is our passion. Discovering and finding new ways to improve and sustain animal health. For you, with you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As we live and thrive by the grace of our customers worldwide, our only reason for being is their success. The harsh commercial environment we're working in does not allow our attention to fade. After all, it's the profit at the end of the cycle that turns customers into partners.

Our Core Values

  • Value Teamwork
  • Focus On The Future
  • Challenge The Status Quo
  • Lead by Example
  • Be Respectfull
  • Strive For Excellence

Research & Development

With experienced field veterinarians and specialised bio-engineers in animal production within our team, we do have a clear understanding of the everyday challenges and needs of the livestock industry. Together with literature- and self-study, gathering and analysing information from empirical evidence and own experiences, we are constantly challenged to leave the classic way of thinking in product development, to stay sharp and think out of the box.


All Mercordi products are developed and manufactured in our head quarter facilities in Halen, Belgium under Feed Chain Alliance and QS certified conditions. With our own research facility at hand we are able to conduct performance- and other trials on both broilers and layers allowing us to bring to market evidence based, thoroughly tested products only.

- Thomas Edison -

If there's a way to do things better, then find that way.