Welcome To Our World

As poultry passionates willing to offer a new set of tools for poultry growers worldwide, we are constantly challenged to leave the classic way of thinking in product development, to stay sharp and think out of the box. As we live and thrive by the grace of our customers worldwide, our only reason for being is their success.

What We Do

Mercordi develops powerfull and sustainable alternatives to classical therapeutics.

Mercordi creates nutritional solutions that empower our customers in the worldwide livestock industry, veterinarians, farmers and feed manufacturers, to reach higher production levels and increase their financial gain.

Mercordi's 3 Pilars of Excellence . . .


Mercordi always has chosen to offer solutions rather than to just sell products. Solutions supported by knowledge and experience. Rather than being surrounded by just sales people, Mercordi's partners and customers may enjoy the attention of highly skilled and experienced Bio-engineers and veterinary medics, enabling them to sucessfully grow their businesses.


At Mercordi, we strive to supply our customers with only the best. Severe selection of raw materials is the first and crucial step in this engagement next to using the most advanced extraction techniques giving high and consistent yields. Apart from obvious quality programs as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) it is our pride and honour to never compromise on quality.

Best ROI

Because we all work in a highly competitive environment where price will always be of major concern we realise our responsability in this matter. Instead of talking about price we prefer to consider costefficiency and return on investment. More than our competitors we never fear comparative trials proving our technical and financial competitive edge.